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The company DARNA d.o.o. Zagreb, founded back in 1992., based on the experience of its founder and procurator Nada Finderle, brings to the market a new and innovative concept of combined marketing and sales experience. In co-operation with carefully selected expert associates and companies, Nada and company DARNA offers specialized analytics, expert support and consultations in fields of sales, marketing, company organisation / reorganisation and also other valuable knowledges and arts. Over 20 years of privat sector experience gives Nada precious knowledge in sales and marketing, sucessfully implemented in different services; those services are a stronghold for DARNA's present and future clients.

In her long-years sales and marketing experience, Nada allways tried to create new and added values for her clients. Among other, she has rich experience in educations, leading 5+ successful start- up projects in domestic and foreign companies like Burda Media i Styria; this projects certify her all-round knowledge of markets and consumer needs. Listening to market needs for years, making everyday contacts with domestic and international clients, she is setting new market standards and traces roads for new successful business projects - to a great satisfaction of many business partners she worked or is still working with.

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20+ Years of experience
in marketing and sales
5+Start-Up projects
Start-up projects leading