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    For our customers, we design, develop and realize specially adapted BOUTIQUE MARKETING SERVICES.

    In new market conditions, for having a successful business, it is necessary to combine knowledge, experience, innovation and courage. And that's exactly where we help our customers and bring them the needed answers to many questions, such as the most common:

    - What is the role of marketing in a sucessful company ?

    - What must marketing care about, support for all 4-7 P's?

    - Which are my real consumers, defining (present) target groups ?

    - What do we have to know about consumers?

    - How does the croatian marketing looks like in general?

    - What must a (marketing) director know today?

    - How to gain todays customers ?

    - How to set the strategy for 2015 ?

    - How to ask questions and lead the operative in a good direction ?

    - How do we stand compared to our competition ?

    - How to set better fundations for advertising: WHERE, WHEN, HOW TO ADVERTISE SUCESSFULY ?

    - How to control if the activities are leading to desired goals ? ?

    - How to effectively and efficiently adjust online and off line activities in the market?

    - How to effectively adapt to the new rules in relation Brand - Consumer ?

    - How to do bussiness successfully in a world that has gone digital ?

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    By getting to know the consumers, their needs and habits, we are helping customers to communicate to the markett more accurately, better and more efficiently and thus reach the desired sales and business results.

    - Help detecting and adapting to new market circumstances

    - Setting sales strategies

    - Sales teams (re)organisation and education

    - Preparation of sales and presentation materials

    - Preparation and development of sales talks

    - How to operate successfully in a world that has gone digital ?

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    - The analyzes necessary for a more quality setting of business strategies

    - Analysis of consumers, their habits and attitudes

    - Analysis of the circumstances in which the client operates

    - Analysis that detect area for potential growth in the market

    - analysis which assist in operational decisions in advertising

    - Analysis related to listing of the brand

    - Analyses that bring insight into the activities of the competition

    - Analysis of market review at the categorie level

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    - Trainings for marketing teams

    - Specialized training and workshops in the field of marketing for owners and leading people in companies

    - Specialized training for professionals in sales of media / advertising space

    - Practical application of market research in making business decisions

    - Marketing for small and medium-sized companies

    - Basics of marketing and advertising

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    Our goal is to help clients achieve the desired business goals through successful marketing and marketing communication .

    Taking into account what the client wants to achieve by advertising, who he wants to adress, how the target consumers think, what their media habits are, what the competitors are doing, we help our customers to prepair quality briefs.

    It is very important to know how to tell the consumer a desired story, on what they will react and how we can successfully guide them through the experience of decision making and the purschase of products or services by itself. Thanks to our long experience and professional knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of individual media platforms, we give our customers support from the beginning stage (prepare and adapt communication) to the final audio / video production.

    - video & photo recorded with an UAV (drone)

    - record video and audio promotional materials

    - production of video clips for Youtube and other similar services

    Visit the multimedial web site of our company: Darna.biz

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    If you are a micro, small, medium or large company, domestic or foreign, it does not matter to us because we have experience with everyone and are happy to work with any scale of businnes :)

    We aassume that you are an expert in your job and you know that you need professional marketing and sales, but in this area the help of professionals would come handy, there is no problem - we can work out specially tailored packages for you. Needs of our clients are the basis for cooperation and the search for solutions to our client problems is our main task.

    From cooperation and training of individuals to cooperation with all the teams, departments, owners and international managers, it is equaly important to us and we look forward to mutual success.

    For you, we have summarized in one place the experience that we have collected in over 20 years by working in marketing, sales, media and                                                  agencies..

    We help our clients to make good decisions in the field of marketing and sales much easier.

    On an easy way, we lead you and your teams through the golden rules of marketing and sales, and that will help your business to be                                                  more professional and more successful.

    The better we set the marketing and sales strategy, but also do the necessary education and concrete activities, the results of operations                                                  will be a success and we and you, as our clients, will be happier.

    If you would like us to work for you too, feel free to contact us :)